MODELS OF CULTHREAD: Ever wondered who are the women behind the photos? - culthread

MODELS OF CULTHREAD: Ever wondered who are the women behind the photos?

The models of culthread are pretty incredible.
Let me introduce them.

feminist models at culthread

From the age of 15, Anita knew she wanted to be a model. “Every day I experience different things with different people, and as a freelancer I have complete freedom—I love it.”

After finishing school, Anita participated in Britain’s Next Top Model, and her career snowballed from there. During the show, she posed steady-still with a tarantula on her face! I know I couldn’t do that… 

For Anita, the primary shift to a more sustainable lifestyle has been her fashion purposes. Now, when she buys something – she buys it to wear forever. And you don’t need a new outfit for everything. Plus, she uses a reusable coffee cup 😉 little steps make a difference. 

Anita’s also a model to women on Instagram, as an influencer. As I asked what message she wanted to portray through her page, Anita’s response was all about being true to herself. “I won’t advertise for random brands, and I won’t pretend.”



feminist models at culthread

Picture a stunt double – who do you see? Probably a man, right?

Imogen is not only a stunt double, but also a jewellery brand founder and model. 

She drives fast cars, jumps from all heights, and fights. Having gotten into stunt-doubling through being in the right place at the right time, when living in LA, Imogen still loves it today. “The thrill of it is incredible,” she said. It’s also a job Imogen has to work out most days for, whether that be kickboxing, HIIT training or running.

Imogen’s jewellery brand’s mission is making gold-plated, high-quality jewellery accessible. She had always been passionate about jewellery, but it was during Covid – when there were less stunt jobs available, that she took the leap and launched. It’s tough to keep the prices accessible, which is why for now, AU Studio is only available direct-to-consumer. 

As a model and Instagram influencer, she wants to give young women the message “be yourself, f*ck the haters.”


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