We’re switching to a new fulfilment centre, here’s why…. - culthread

We’re switching to a new fulfilment centre, here’s why….

In our continued effort to minimize our environmental impact, we are joining forces with Airbox - the UKs first Carbon-neutral warehouse and  fulfilment provider. Discover more about our switch to Airbox.


At culthread, we are always working towards finding new ways to conserve natural resources and protect the environment in our business practices. That’s why we are taking a sustainable leap this season in how we dispatch your orders by partnering with Airbox. Being the UK’s first Carbon neutral fulfilment and warehouse provider, we knew this collaboration would be the best decision for you, our customers, and the planet. 

What is the problem?

We saw 10 years of e-commerce growth within one year of the pandemic, giving rise to companies needing more warehouse space for storing and shipping products. Companies of all sizes are competing for this space and the number of business premises used for transport, logistics and warehousing in the UK has almost doubled in the last decade, new analysis shows (1). The inefficient use of warehouse space with unsustainable operations leads to land consumption that harms our planet. Shared warehousing can be a more eco-friendly alternative for businesses to operate.


Additionally, the increase in retail orders and the demand for faster delivery over the past year have overburdened parcel carriers. Often, ethics are neglected in busy warehouses in order to accomplish more. Getting deliveries out quickly can lead to employees skipping critical safety training or new hires being rushed into the job immediately, with safety practices being overlooked which puts them and others at risk. Airbox is “challenging the perception of how warehouse staff are treated within the workplace”(2).

At culthread, we constantly analyse all aspects of the manufacturing process from design to shipping through an ethical and sustainable lens. Working with Airbox guarantees that your culthread is packaged in a responsible manner that protects the environment and respects everyone involved in the process, which is exactly how your culthread is made in our factories too.

How are Airbox sustainable? 

Airbox seeks to minimize waste arising from operations, promote recycling, and reduce both energy consumption and the emission of harmful toxins into the environment.

Airbox remained fully carbon-neutral during construction in 2020 and use a planet-first infrastructure that ensures they are carbon-neutral. The site is rated at A+ EPC Energy rating and an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating. Remarkably, the site is completely solar powered, with over 200 solar panels on its roof which enables them to produce 212.10 kWp of energy saving 67000kw and 94 tonnes of CO2 per year. Even the bin stores have CO2-absorbing sedum roofs.

Staff are encouraged to opt for a green commute to work with electric charging points for bikes and cars at the offices. Most impressively, they have retained all their staff who have been part of their journey and “believe in investing in their development to create continuity in a thriving workforce”(3). 

We’re excited to be moving into this next chapter of culthread, working with the most sustainable fulfilment company out there!


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