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Women Who Inspire Us: Georgina Wilson Powell

Georgina is a journalist, guidebook author, editor and content creator with 12 years experience across print and digital. She founded pebble, a stylish guide to sustainable living, because she was done with carrying around the carbon and plastic waste guilt she felt due to her lifestyle which involved flying all over the world for work.

We admire her determination to find ways to live more sustainably and her dedication to creating educational content for others to read.


  • Please tell us your story, what keeps you busy? what got you to where you are today? and what are the most important things you’ve learnt along the way?


pebble is your  stylish guide to sustainable living. We cover everything from ethical fashion to eco travel in a way that’s friendly, accessible, inspiring and achievable. We’re your mates with some of the answers and we’ll discover the rest together. pebble expanded into events last year and we have a big Facebook community as well.


"I started it because I couldn’t find info on permaculture, food waste and so on back in 2016 that felt modern, relevant and for me - it was all badly formatted blogs or dry reports."


What got me to here? 16 years working in mainstream media as a magazine editor and then jacking it all in, wanting to do better, be more positive, help more, not share consumerist bullshit and start rewriting the conversation around consumption. I’m pretty stubborn and resilient but the last four years have been tough.

Some of the most important things I’ve learnt, is that it’s bloody hard building an independent content brand without investment but we’ve done it. You have to keep on building, tweaking and reinventing though - and that’s tough.

Organically, I’ve built a family through pebble - of readers, brands and entrepreneurs who are friends as well and we have to support each other, through good times and bad, as the planet needs more of us - the SMEs who put the planet first.


Georgina and her culthread bag, and dog

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  • In what ways are you committed to making the world a better place? What are your ways of giving back to the planet?


pebble is all about #EverydayActivism, making those small steps at home where, when you add it up it does make a difference. From swapping your deodorant to using an ethical bank account. Everything we do tries to make the world a better place - I believe everyone can have their own ripple effect - we’re pebble because we cause those ripples with our content and through our online community.

As of this summer as well, I’ve founded a pebble forest in Kenya through our tree planting partners Treedom. We’ve kicked off with 50 trees and we’re adding to it when people subscribe to our weekly news. I’ll be offsetting everything we do with additional trees. 

Personally I do litter picks as I live next to a popular beach in Margate and I’m getting more involved in my local community to see what I can do to help.


  • What do you love most about your culthread piece?


It’s silver! I’m a sucker for anything metallic - and I love large bags - so both of these and I’m sold. No one is ever going to lose me when I have this on my shoulder and it just makes me happy when I see it.


"We need more sustainable fashion that makes people smile as well as being worthy."


Blenheim bag


  • What are the things in your life that set your soul on fire? What sparks your passion?


Yoga. Being on the beach opposite my flat at sunset. My dog’s waggy tail. A really good cocktail. Simple stuff really, but I think that’s what we’ve all realised isn’t it? Simple stuff done well makes us happy. Passion wise, it’s other passionate people. Hearing someone talk about their work or research or their book passionately makes me smile and makes me want to help them.


  • What advice would you give to a young woman who wants to explore the same career path you’ve taken?


Hmm. There are easiest career paths. Be bold and ask for what you want but don’t expect to get there without working hard, without glory for it. Be kind, you never know when someone will come back later in your career and remember when you helped them out. Find what makes you feel purposeful and look for work around that, rather than having a set job title in your head - you never know where it will lead.


Georgina and her culthread bag


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