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Coffee-Cycled Vegan Leather: Introducing Vegan Leather Made From Coffee

Coffee-cycled Vegan Leather

Have you heard of Coffee-cycled Vegan Leather? A new material that’s great for our Planet, People, and Animals and creates high-quality, gorgeous bags and jackets.

Your coffee cup and water bottle upcycled.

In late March 2023, we introduced Coffee-cycled Vegan Leather, a new Recycled Vegan Leather. 30% of Coffee-cycled Vegan Leather is made from recycled coffee grounds, and 70% recycled water bottles.

recycled coffee-cycled vegan leather


What’s the story? 

The Stats on Coffee

Globally, we consume over 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day.

Bottled water and coffee are America’s two favorite drinks of choice. According to Drive Research, 3 in 4 Americans drink coffee every day. Nearly half of these coffee-drinkers have three to five coffees per day. 

On the other side of the pond, the UK accounts for 98 million of those 2.25 billion daily cups.

That’s a lot of coffee! 


Coffee Waste

Unfortunately, coffee also generates a lot of waste. Coffee grounds that go to landfill release the greenhouse gas, methane, which is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period.

In the UK, it’s estimated that we generate 18 million tonnes of wet, waste coffee grounds daily. That’s not accounting for the waste in producing those coffee grounds. 

Instead of coffee grounds going to landfill, we’ve upcycled them in our Coffee-Cycled Vegan Leather.


Coffee-Cycled Vegan Leather

We take coffee grounds that would have otherwise been buried and negatively impacted the environment from factories (the coffee you buy at the supermarket is most likely made in a factory), and recycle it. 

We treat the coffee grounds by deoiling, grinding and then modifying it so that it's compatible with our vegan, corn-based PU resin (important for coating). Mixing them together, we then undergo a foaming and coating process. 

This coffee-based coating is then added to the backing fabric made of recycled plastic bottles, forming our Coffee-Cycled Vegan Leather. 

recycled coffee-cycled vegan leather

Why does it matter? 

Leather, a material used in fashion, and many more industries, hurts our Planet, People, and Animals. 

To put it briefly: 

why leather is not sustainable

Read more here.

By recycling coffee grounds and used plastic water bottles, we’re doing our bit to create a circular economy, and creating something gorgeous out of them! 

More About the Products

culthreads are crafted to be Stylish, Practical, Comfortable, and Sustainable – absolutely no compromises. 

We are a female-founded, female-owned, and female-led company who empower women to wear their values. We use high-quality materials to last a lifetime.


Our Coffee-Cycled Collection: 


Biker Jacket

Long Coat 

Sleeveless Puffer

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