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SALES? Here's our thinking

With the summer sale season upon us we thought we’d explain a little bit about why, at culthread, we don’t do sales. Although we sometimes offer discounts to our valued customers, we tend to steer clear of seasonal sales, here's why.

The perpetual cycle of sales is evident today, particularly in the world of fast fashion. Trends come and go, and as consumers we tend to feel the pressure to continuously update our wardrobes with the next best thing which can often become overwhelming. This constant cycle of wanting to stay up to date with our fashion choices, buying things we don’t need (particularly when they are on sale), and then regretting it later on when it’s too late to return, seems never-ending.


Frustratingly, sales give us the impression that we are saving money when in reality we are spending more than we usually would, simply because it seems like a good deal. The end result? Damage to both our bank account and the environment. The fashion industry is currently one of the biggest polluters on the planet and seasonal sales are definitely a contributing factor to this ongoing issue. We’re all guilty of buying something we didn’t necessarily need at some point in our lives due to the fact it was on sale, but becoming a more conscious consumer can help combat this. To learn more about conscious consumption, head over to our blog here.


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Sal wears The Sutherland 


As a slow fashion brand, these types of large scale seasonal promotions go against our ethos and core values. At culthread, our overriding goal is to produce premium quality outerwear and lifestyle products that you will want to wear for years to come and that will, of course, stand the test of time. We put so much care and consideration into each and every one of our products to ensure that we are creating timeless, classic pieces that can be worn year after year and will never go out of fashion.


Although as an outerwear brand we may be considered to be the epitome of seasonal, with the majority of our products being suited to colder weather, we do, however, produce collections that are suitable to wear all year round. All items in our new Recycled Vegan Leather Collection, for example, can be worn throughout the entire year. They are lightweight and versatile enough to style throughout the warmer summer months with dresses or jeans, and also during the colder months when laying with a cosy jumper underneath. Like all culthreads, our new recycled vegan leather jackets both have hoods and plenty of pockets, whilst being rain-proof to protect you from any unpredictable weather. So trust us, whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered.


All of our culthreads are also produced on a relatively small scale in order to reduce waste as much as possible. Each item is therefore very limited and unless we receive a considerable number of requests to bring a product back, once it’s gone it’s gone. As a result, all of our styles are available to buy all year round, year on year, unless it sells out completely. This means that for us as a brand, there is no need to succumb to the seasonal sale madness to clear old outdated stock as we only produce limited, luxury, timeless pieces.


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