every culthread is unique

Have you looked in your wardrobe and searched in vain for a coat that is not only a fashion statement but also weather appropriate, convenient, comfortable and in sync with your values?

“I founded culthread because I searched in vain for this perfect coat – one that not only looked amazing, but fit just right, had inside and outside pockets, a hood, and was guaranteed free from all animal derived products.

I loved the idea of having my very own coat, one that no one else could own, so each and every culthread is a special, unique item. 

Our coats are hand crafted from British waxed cotton, unique, silky lining prints and the most luxurious faux fur -  our soft, warm padding is made from Thermore™ 100% recycled plastic.

Welcome to the cult! I hope that you love wearing your unique culthread.”


At culthread our motto is
“No cruel all craze”

Our products are guaranteed to have:


Your culthread coat comes with a reusable, folding shopping tote. We would love you to use it instead of a plastic bag . Simply roll the bag from the opposite side of the pouch towards the pouch, fold over from the top, insert it into the pouch and pull the drawstring to close.