At culthread, our overriding goal is to make quality coats and lifestyle products that you will want to wear and treasure forever. 

We are a slow fashion brand 

We believe that this is the most important goal for sustainability – an ethically produced product that will continue to be worn and loved for years and years.


We have a holistic view on the meaning of “sustainability”; for us a sustainable brand must be sustainable towards the planet, people and animals. Our strategy has been to break down these three pillars in order to constantly review and improve everything that we do throughout the entire process of design, sourcing, production and delivery.

1. Product
    • Shell fabric (please see ‘Our Materials’ section)
    • Lining fabric (100% recycled polyester certified)
    • Insulation (vegan fibre down from 100% recycled rPET)
    • Fittings (SAB recycled)
    • Threads and other (mostly recycled thread used)
    • Design/prototype stage (CLO 3D technology to reduce the carbon footprint of making prototypes)
    2. Transport  
      • Transport of materials (most efficient means available, near to production site)
      • Transport of product (shipping in shared containers when necessary)
      • Transport to customers (100% carbon offset)
        3. Packaging
          • Packaging during transportation (minimised and reused until recycled)
          • Packaging when shipping to customers (reusable product packaging, recycled and biodegradable shipping poly bags)
              • Wages in terms of living wages (please see ‘Our Atelier’ section)
              • Benefits and female friendly benefits (please see ‘Our Atelier’ section)
              • Working conditions (please see ‘Our Atelier’ section)
              • Empowerment (we believe that our products empower our people and customers because of fair treatment to the planet, people and animals)
              • Donations (we support several charities)



              • 100% PETA approved vegan (we will never harm animals for fashion)
              • No animal testing 100% cruelty free (animals are beautiful and so are culthreads)




               DONATIONS & SUPPORT




              We are proud to partner with the NGO "The Circle"  founded by Annie Lennox, whose mission is to connect and inspire women to act and change the injustices and challenges facing disempowered women and girls. Culthread is directly supporting The Circle in their bid to advance new EU legislation on a living wage that has the power to end poverty pay for millions of garment workers, 80% of whom are women.





              “The garment industry turns over almost $3 Trillion a year. Yet garment workers, 80% of them women, work for poverty pay, earning as little as $21 a month. Human rights abuses are systemic throughout the industry. Poverty wages, long hours, forced overtime, unsafe working conditions, sexual, physical and verbal abuse, repression of trade union rights and short term contracts are all commonplace in the clothing industry." Labour Behind the Label

              “Tens of millions of people work in the global garment and sportswear industry. The vast majority of them work extremely long hours, for very little pay. Sweatshop wages can be found from Asia to Eastern Europe to Latin America, with major brands admitting that literally zero of their workers earn a living wage.” Clean Clothes Campaign

              At culthread we believe in the human rights of garment workers anywhere in the world to be paid at least a living wage. 


              SECOND LIFE

              When you no longer wear your culthread please pass it along to family and friends, or donate it to a worthy cause.

              At culthread we are fans of Dress For Success, whose mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Dress for Success has 145 affiliate locations in 25 countries and accept donations of good quality women’s clothing. Culthread supports Dress for Success with donations, and the founder of culthread was a Trustee on the Board of the London affiliate for three years.







              Your culthread can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth when it is dirty (please do not wet the faux-fur, but brush off any dirt instead). If you absolutely must deep clean your culthread, please look for a green dry cleaner wherever you are (this is our local in Notting Hill); some professional cleaners now offer green dry cleaning using water as the primary solvent. This type of cleaning reduces toxicity (from a chemical commonly used in dry cleaning called perchloroethylene) and CO2 emissions.