Culthread is a PETA approved vegan brand. Unlike other brands such as Stella McCartney, Prada or Barbour, all of whom don’t use natural fur products in their collections, culthread not only refuses natural fur but also all animal products. The reason we chose to be a vegan brand is that even when animal derived products are ‘certified’ as originating from cruelty free facilities, there simply isn’t enough follow up and checks to ensure this is actually the case. 


It isn’t just the horrors of natural fur that are upsetting and unnecessary, but also those of natural down, wool, silk and leather. At culthread we believe that, because beautiful and quality products that are not derived from animals are available, there is no justification for using parts of our fellow animals for apparel. 


Our products are made in small limited editions from the highest quality vegan materials available such as 100% recycled post consumer plastic bottle 'faux-down' insulation and quality recycled vegan faux-leather. We love all animals at culthread and we know how to make beautiful products without harming them.