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At culthread, our overriding goal is to make quality coats and lifestyle products that you will want to wear and treasure forever. We are a SLOW FASHION brand. This is the most important goal for sustainability – a product that will continue to be worn and loved for years and years.


At culthread we do not cut corners on quality. As a slow fashion brand, our products are made to be worn for a long time, before they are handed on to someone else to enjoy. Please give your culthread to a friend or donate your culthread to a charity or a charity shop when you no longer want to wear it. 


All our fabrics are the highest quality recycled materials available; our rescued dead-stock is designer surplus and never seconds or inferior quality. Our faux-fur is the softest that is available on the planet, and does not shed. Our accessories are superb (even if we say so) and we guarantee that you will feel the difference! Culthread has a thorough quality control process to check each individual finished item, so that you can rest assured that you will receive a beautiful product, hand-made with love!


Culthread was founded as an answer to some of the perennial problems in women's fashion - the lack of certain necessities (for example pockets) in the majority of women’s garments. All culthreads have inside and outside pockets, and hoods if they are coats! You are not obliged to carry a handbag or an umbrella when you own a culthread.


Most culthread jackets are made with features such as side zippers that can be opened for sitting more comfortably, and collars that can be zipped high comfortably to keep the cold out. Our bags are made with large laptop pockets as well as an array of other pockets for all kinds of ‘necessities’ like water bottles, keys, phones, gym shoes, baby bottles and masses of space for everything else! Our scarves are made for incredible softness and warmth and our mitts are finger free for texting. 

Female Empowerment 

At culthread we aim to empower all those who join our cult by purchasing a culthread or working on our team. 

We make very small limited editions (sometimes as few as 15 pieces in a particular style or colour) so there is little chance of you feeling like everyone else when you wear one! We also believe that it is empowering to own something of quality that has a special twist - like a hood lined with animal print faux-fur, or a gorgeous furriness to keep your hands soft and warm inside your pockets.

Culthread is a female owned and managed brand - our core team members are Rina, Sarah, Tara, Jessy, Nhi, Lua and Susanne. We believe in female empowerment and want to do our bit to rebalance past gender inequities by being a female centric brand, created for women by women. This is represented in our logo which is the Chinese symbol for woman, enclosed in a circle, the universal symbol of inclusion and timelessness.