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People are at the centre of everything we do

Each culthread is meticulously crafted to be stylish, comfortable, practical, and aligned with your values.


Most culthreads are handmade in our own atelier in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We don’t allow any subcontracting.


We have our own pattern makers, fabric cutters and product developers working alongside specialised tailors who make individual culthread products by hand. Many pieces are made entirely by a single craftsperson.

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All of our talented tailors are fairly paid. They are aligned and above the Asia Living Wage and the Global Living Wage.

At culthread we abide by all government guidelines, and Labour Laws are comprehensive in Vietnam.

Work conditions at our atelier include:

Workers receive on average 3 times the minimum wage (above the Asia Floor Wage and Global Living Wage) - and receive the following in addition to salary:

  • 17.5% social insurance,
  • 3%  health insurance,
  • 1% as unemployment insurance,
  • 24/7 accident insurance,
  • and regular health check-ups
  • female workers have 26 weeks maternity leave at 100% of pay
  • paternity leave is 5 days 
  • parents are entitled to paid leave to care for sick children
  • female employees cannot be dismissed for reasons of marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave or nursing a child under 12 months
  • working hours cannot exceed 8 hours a day or 48 hours a week
  • rest breaks of 30 minutes minimum must be included in those hours
  • employees are entitled to a minimum of 12 days paid annual leave
  • an extra leave day must be given per 5 years of continuous service
  • employees are entitled to paid sick leave 
  • sick pay is covered by the social insurance fund
  • long term sickness is covered up to 180 days a year
  • employers must provide health insurance and regular health checks for employees
  • leave must be granted for the death of a grandparent or sibling
  • all employees are represented by the grassroots trade union
  • employers must comply with the law on occupational safety and hygiene


I wear many coats (literally), and many hats (figuratively). Mum, founder, CFO, doctorate student, financial trader, Olympic athlete… are just some of the hats I’ve worn and am currently wearing. Holding various roles is something every woman handles, and the right accessories make a big difference. 

Having worked 15 years with leading high-end international outerwear brands, I couldn’t find a single coat with everything I wanted.

My experience in design, production, and manufacturing of high-quality jackets served me to create something new: jackets and accessories that are comfortable, practical, stylish, and sustainable – without any compromises.

Jackets and accessories that empower the modern woman in her many roles.

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The organisations we support

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Dress for Success Greater London

Empowers women into the workplace from positions of disadvantage by providing professional clothing and styling, interview coaching and ongoing support.

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Crisis helps people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether.

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Collective Aid

Provides aid and support to refugees across Europe, by distributing clothing and hygiene items & providing clothes washing services and showers,

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Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary

Sanctuary for homeless, abused, neglected, used, slaughter-bound animals & place of healing, growth and education.

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