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our founder

Imagine opening your cupboard for a jacket (which the cupboard is full of), and finding none with the practicalities you need: a jacket with a hood in case it rained, pockets large enough for your phone, wallet and keys (preferably on the inside) as well as outside pockets for your hands and a high enough neck to keep me warm. Frustrating, right? 

That’s how I felt too. Especially given my 15 years of experience in the outerwear industry… 

So, I decided to make my own, and culthread came to life. 

As I (true to my academic background) researched jackets, I started discovering all the terribly unsustainable and unethical practices of coat-making.

When you start to look under the hood (pun intended), there’s no turning back…

Can a jacket really feel empowering when not aligned with your values? 

We don’t think so either… 

culthread’s values became ethical, recycled, and cruelty-free – all the while remaining practical, stylish and comfortable.

culthread today

We’ve expanded, but our DNA and values remain exactly the same. 

We’re a team primarily of women, who are passionate about setting new norms in the fashion industry. We’re continuously seeking new materials and methods to do just that, and challenging ourselves to do better.

culthread's story

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