transparent supply chain
transparent supply chain

Our Fabrics

100% recycled polyester

Supplier for our puffer collection of jackets and bag, plus all our lining fabric. We source in Vietnam in order to reduce the transport CO2 to the production factory.

100% recycled vegan leather

Coffee-Cycled Vegan Leather

Our Coffee-cycled RVL (Recycled Vegan Leather) and Bottle-cycled RVL (Recycled Vegan Leather) are both sourced from China. Once more, this reduces cross-continental fabric transport. All our vegan leather fabrics have PU water-based coatings only.


Fruit-Cycled RVL

Our Fruit-cycled RVL (Recycled Vegan Leather) comes from pineapples! Namely, Piñatex vegan leather. Through waste valorisation, Piñatex reduces the amount of pineapple leaves being burnt, which reduces CO2 emissions.


Our Insulation

All our products have 100% recycled polyester fiber insulation. We source in Vietnam in order to reduce the transport CO2 to the production factory.

100% recycled fibre down insulation

Our Padding

Our padding is 100% recycled post-consumer polyester. We source our recycled filling/ stuffing from Vietnam, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation to our Atelier.

Our Accessories/ Fittings

Zippers are fully made from recycled materials.

100% recycled zippers
100% recycled thread

Our Thread

Our thread is 100% made from recycled PET bottles. We source in
Vietnam in order to reduce the transport CO2 to the production factory.

culthreads are handmade in our own atelier in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The director of the atelier is Jessy, who has been running things for us for the last two years – before that she was employed by Hugo Boss. We have our own pattern makers, fabric cutters and product developers working alongside specialised tailors who make individual culthread products by hand. For more information on our workers, see our people.

cult collection

Our cult collection is a new, more affordable collection of jackets. We've strived to maintain culthread's usual sustainable credentials, with more affordable prices.

That means they were not handmade in our atelier, but rather in a factory we work closely with, which is also BSCI-audited and certified.

The thread used is not recycled as with other culthreads, but the collection was big enough for each product is GRS-certified. A first for culthread! (previously, individual fittings and materials were GRS-certified, not the entire product)


We have 100% traceability on our Tier 1 & 2 suppliers (see traceability tiers explanation).

Our Atelier has worked with our Tier 3 & 4 suppliers long-term (some up to 20 years!) – our colleagues in China and Vietnam regularly go to the factories, and we know that they have been audited by important, highly regulated brands, such as Hugo Boss. 

Through our Tier 2 supplier certificates, we know that the milling and raw material is recycled, vegan, and non-toxic. However, we don’t have full social and environmental audits from Tier 3 & 4. This means our traceability on Tier 3 is currently at 45%*and Tier 4 at 35%*(as we don’t know exactly where the recycled plastic bottles come from). 

We are aiming for our Tier 3 & 4 traceability to be at 70% in the next two years, and 100% in the next four years.

*broken down into raw material sustainability (35%), factory & transport sustainability (20%), social code of conduct (35%), and animal cruelty-free (10%).

Remediation & Continuous Improvement

We regularly ask our suppliers for their relevant and updated certificates.

Should we spot any issue, all suppliers are expected to take necessary corrective actions to promptly remediate any noncompliance and strive for continuous improvement. culthread reserves the right to terminate business relationships with any supplier who is unwilling or unable to comply with culthread's standards.”