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The Munro is the must-have scarf and mittens set for Winter 20/21. In luscious amazon faux fur, the wrap-it-round-again-and-again scarf is matched with fingerless mittens (great for when you need to access your phone!) and covered in our covetable faux-fur, which is even softer to the touch than it looks. Guaranteed to be the most awesome winter set you have ever had.



  • scarf length 240 cm (95 inches)
  • mittens are 15 cm long and cover hands and wrists
  • mittens fit glove sizes XS to L 
  • fingers are free to use!


  • luxury amazon faux-fur scarf 
  • wraps snuggly several times or once depending on your style!
  • matching fingerless mitts 
  • made to keep hands warm and cosy and fingertips free!
  • ships wrapped in zebra tissue inside a gorgeous culthread™ reusable box
  • 100% vegan like all culthreads!
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