Hampsteads are made almost entirely from recycled fabrics and are luxurious, warm, light puffers with hoods. Each Hampstead has two removeable  faux-fur hood collars that can be exchanged in a matter of seconds, so that you have a jacket with two special, different looks! The faux-fur is of the highest quality, as soft and amazing as real fur, but 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The outershell and lining of all Hampsteads are made from 100% recycled fabric, and the insulation is made from 100% recycled Thermore Ecodown, which makes all Hampsteads light, fluffy, warm, and vegan. There are two outside zipped pockets, and one hidden zipped pocket inside. Hampsteads are guaranteed to be small limited editions only.


Camdens are hand crafted from sumptuous, lush, premium faux-fur. Their medium length and large hoods make them warm and cozy without being heavy or overly bulky. Camdens have two outside pockets, two large inside pockets and capacious faux-fur hoods. They are made from 100% vegan fabrics and accessories and guaranteed cruelty-free. Camdens are offered in very small limited editions only.


Chelseas are warm, cosy jackets with sumptuous cheetah faux-fur lining. The outer-shell is made from recycled fabric, as is the Thermore Ecodown insulation, suitable for cold winters. Chelseas have cheetah lined hoods and a gorgeous faux-fox collar. They have inside and outside pockets and a metal culthread logo on the left sleeve. They are available in a small limited edition, and guaranteed 100% vegan.


Wimbledons are longer puffer style coats made in 'wimbledon' green, with luxurious faux-raccoon fur lined hoods. All the fabric and insulation, apart from the faux-fur collar only, is made from 100% recycled polyester and post-consumer plastic. The faux-fur collar can be removed and put back on in a minute, so that your coat can be worn with or without it. Wimbledons are lightly padded and soft and comfortable to wear. They have inside and outside pockets, two-way zippers and a metal culthread logo on the left sleeve. Wimbledons are your go to coat for any weather - rain, wind, cold or coldest-winter (when adding a sweater will do the trick). Made in a small limited edition, Wimbledons, like all culthreads, are 100% vegan.


Baker Streets are faux-fur fronted puffer vests with hoods. The grey-tipped faux-fur in the front is luxuriously soft and the back side of the vest is a shiny, silver puffer, made from 100% recycled fabric. Thermore Ecodown recycled insulation, a puffy silver hood and inside and outside pockets make for a cosy and glamorous vest style jacket. Baker Streets have printed culthread logos inside. they are made in small limited editions and, like all culthreads, Baker Streets are 100% vegan.


Ovals are scarf and mitten sets made from beautiful culthread faux-furs combined with silky lining fabrics. They come in postbox red, bubblegum pink and snow-tipped grey. The scarves fit as snug as you wish around your neck and are super soft and warm to wear. The matching mitts are very easy to put on and comfortable to wear, leaving your fingers free for using your phone. Oval scarves and mitts are made to fit all (glove sizes from XS to L).


culthreads are hand-made in small limited editions, or unique one-off pieces, couriered to you in a beautiful, reusable CULTHREAD box


We believe that we are responsible for the resources we use and the impact this has on people, animals and the planet.

We do not use any leather, skins, feathers, fur, wool, silk or down in our designs and products. We are a vegan brand, proud to be authorised by PETA.

Modern slavery is a crime and a grave violation of fundamental human rights; victims are coerced, deceived, threatened or abused into providing work or services without any real possibility to refuse or remove themselves from their situation. Culthread ensures fair pay and approved working conditions throughout our supply chain.

All culthreads are made in small limited editions using recycled fabric, recycled insulation, dead stock and leftover fabric to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.