At culthread we believe that true sustainability must encompass the planet, people and animals. At present, there is no recognised global measure or tool for consumers to evaluate a product and a brand's commitment to saving and supporting our whole environment.

We developed the cultruth scale to clearly display the sustainability of each culthread creation by grading each product against important criteria in each of these three spheres in order to arrive at a sustainable number out of a maximum 100 for each product. Our goal is to reach 100% for all culthreads as soon as we can – we are making every effort to get there!

We have weighted our 3 spheres as follows: planet 65%, people 25%, animals 10%.

The product at 75%, shipping at 15% and packaging at 10%. We add points for sustainability within each of these three elements.

Within ‘product’, we consider the shell (outer) fabric, the insulation, the fittings, the lining, eco-certification, and other (such as thread). We score points on the cultruth scale in these sections when we use recycled products that not only require less energy to be made but remove post-consumer waste plastic from the environment.


Culthread ships materials, finished products and purchased items directly to our customers. Our cultruth shipping points include these three elements and depend on whether carbon is offset and whether lower carbon methods of shipping (such as adding to existing shipping containers) are used.


Our products require packaging when they are shipped to the warehouse and also when we ship to our customers in order to protect them during transportation. We gain cultruth points when our packaging is recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable.

At culthread we rely completely on our people. We consider wages, work conditions and gender equality as major elements of a sustainable brand.

We earn cultruth points for wages that are over and above ‘living wages’ as opposed to minimum legal wages, and for safe and respectful working conditions. Learn more about ‘living wages’

Culthread is a vegan brand and we will never use any animal derived products. We earn cultruth points by being 100% animal product free and PETA approved, and guaranteeing no animal testing.

Here is an example of the calculation for the Ladbroke reversible duster coat: