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Loving our Planet with every culthread

10% of global carbon emissions come from the fashion industry.

That makes it more polluting to our Planet than the aviation and shipping industry combined.

At culthread, we’re doing everything we can to reduce this negative impact.

Our Product

The overwhelming majority of fashion’s polluting impact comes from fabric manufacturing – whether that be energy consumption, water use, chemicals, etc.

That means the product is absolutely key to unlocking sustainability.

At culthread, over 95% of our materials are made from eco-certified 100% recycled polyester, vegan recycled fibre down insulation, and rescued designer deadstock.

See our product sourcing details here

To reduce production waste, and the carbon footprint associated with it, we:

  • Do our best to accurately calculate the exact amount of material needed for each design, so no deadstock fabric is left over
  • Reuse any leftover old material for new designs, so material doesn’t go to waste
  • Use the latest technology to laser cut fabric based on our models, to optimise the fabric used
  • Only produce small quantities of each design, so that stock doesn’t go to waste

To reduce the production transport carbon footprint, we: 

  • Use the latest technology to reduce the back and forth of sample products at the design stage 
  • Source materials primarily from China and Vietnam, where our factory is located (in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam). This avoids cross-continental material shipping with a huge carbon footprint
  • Use a culthread laundry bag rather than larger packaging to reduce the package size (and packaging waste) when shipped to customer

Our Packaging & Shipping


All culthreads come in a gorgeous “Destroy the Patriarchy not the Planet'' laundry bag. Customers can reuse them as beach bags, dog biscuit bags, school bags, carrier bags or just as laundry bags. They are made from production offcuts and deadstock only.

All culthreads are sent out gift ready! 

Beyond this, our mailer bags are biodegradable, recyclable and plastic free. The tape is also fully biodegradable and 10% plastic free self-adhesive paper packing tape.

sustainable packaging & shipping


Our factory is in Vietnam. We transport our products from Vietnam to Europe in the most efficient way possible, and with a minimum of packaging. Transport packaging is mostly cardboard that is reused until it is recycled. 

We use primarily carbon neutral couriers when sending the packages to you, depending on your geographical location: 

  • UPS – guaranteed carbon neutral
  • DHL – climate neutral GOGREEN service
  • DPD – 100% carbon neutral
  • Royal Mail (at times within the UK)

Most of the product's life is in your hands. Please participate in our mission!

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