Rina - Culthread Founder

I founded culthread because despite being in the outerwear business and having access to a large number of jackets made by known international brands, I found it difficult to find a quality coat that I loved which was in sync with my values. My ideal jacket is one that is warm enough for the season, fits well, has a hood and lots of pockets; it is stylish, comfortable, and easy to wear with everything.

But how, and with what, the jacket was made was also very important to me. I wasn't prepared to wear a jacket that was associated with animal cruelty, fast fashion and unethical manufacturing and supply chains.

From culthread’s beginning in 2018, we have stuck firm to our values. We believe in respecting people, the planet and animals, while creating stylish  pieces for the modern woman who believes in the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion.

If you’re interested in my story, this is it in a nutshell; I’ve had several careers spanning decades including professional tennis player, investment banker, full time mother, Director of a family owned outerwear business, part time Doctoral student (in progress!). I am passionate about culthread and making a difference in ethical and sustainable fashion - I hope that you are too!

Rina Einy