Highly commended by the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards

Highly commended by the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards

Awards for sustainable fashion are a pretty new phenomenon. They remind people that fashion is not just about the design and the quality, but also about the impact each item has on our Planet, People, and Animals. 

culthread was highly commended in the sustainable designer brand category in September, and we’re proud!! As a small brand, it’s tough to keep up both our sustainability and design, and recognition for this always gives a boost! 

The importance of awards

There is a scale of sustainability. At the moment, the range is very large, and so brands that aren’t very sustainable call themselves “sustainable”, and brands that are doing a really good job at sustainability also call themselves “sustainable”. 

That’s why awards and recognition are so important. Not everyone understands sustainability, not everyone will go through the effort of figuring out whether brands are actually sustainable. Therefore, we need trustworthy, reliable, and reputable awards that recognise the stages of sustainability within fashion.

Good on You, Eco-stylist, and Eco-Cult have also all reviewed our sustainability as top of their leader board. Their work has been invaluable. 

The importance of media

When media talk about something, it comes to people’s attention. When people talk about something, it gets in the media. It’s a circle, and sustainable fashion needs more pages!

We’ve seen the demand grow, but there’s still a long way to go. 

Marie Claire’s awards helps do just that. By breaking down exactly what makes different brands sustainable, we understand and are reminded that fashion can be sustainable. 

Sustainability needs to become a priority in fashion, an industry that emits more greenhouse gases than both shipping and aviation combined! 

Thank you Marie Claire for spearheading the move, and commending us highly! 

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