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How culthreads are brought to life

culthread’s ethos revolves around ethics and our commitment to our Planet, People, and Animals. Our starting point is that commitment, even before we sketch a design or cut fabric. The way we bring our products to life is unique. 


Fashion wants new products every two weeks, allowing for new trends and products all year round. Creating and selling a new product in just two weeks is impressive. However, it is not possible for the product to be durable, eco-friendly, useful, and comfortable all at once. 


culthread, a slow fashion brand, creates fashion that is meant to last a lifetime. Not regularly-changing trends, but rather well-thought-out, iconic pieces that you’ll wear forever. Our products revolve around style, practicality, comfort, and sustainability. This ethos means we bring culthreads to life differently. 

slow fashion brand


At culthread, we don’t make compromises. Right from the start, the material and design is meticulously planned and tested. We’re continuously asking ourselves questions like: 

  • Which material is most ethical and of the highest quality? 
  • How can that pocket fit a phone and be stylish?
  • How can we use this ethical material and make sure it’s warm?
  • How could we hide the hood to keep the practicality without changing the style?


That’s how culthread makes products to last a lifetime.

Sustainability: Our Materials

The product’s material and processing makes the biggest difference in terms of a product’s sustainability. So that’s where we begin. 

Our team in Vietnam and the UK is well-versed in finding sustainable materials, and they’re always on the lookout. We know what we need each year, and what types of materials interest us. Each year, we’ll make RVL jackets and puffer bags, along with puffer jackets – our culthread classics [LINK]. Those are the materials our team is constantly in search of, and trying new, more eco-friendly versions of.

This method enabled us to upgrade from our Recycled Vegan Leather (made of post-consumer plastic bottles), to our Coffee-Cycled Vegan Leather (made of recycled coffee beans in early 2023). 

Sometimes, on top of these culthread classics, we’re able to procure high quality deadstock, which is excess fabric that a factory mill produces (Factory Production) or left-over material from manufacturing that cannot be reused (Designer). We'll then add to the collection. Given the nature of deadstock, we don't control that supply

That’s what happened with our sleeveless puffer jacket, POWIS this year. When we found gorgeous silver and gold vegan leather deadstock material, we designed it!

staying on top of sustainable materials

As more and more new materials and processes are created, culthread stays on top of innovations in the field. In this way, we make sure each of our collections have the minimum carbon footprint.


Feel Your Best, through Style, Practicality, Comfort: Our Design

Simultaneously, we’re constantly working on our design. We design culthreads for you to feel at your best, through their style, comfort and practicality.

Style, Comfort, Practicality Fashion


Styling to add personal flair

When we design our collections we think of style as everlasting and iconic. Our customers should be able to wear their culthreads for every occasion, with different outfits and adding their own personal style too. culthreads’ style is forever, unlike certain fashion-forward products, and their quality ensures that that will be the case. 



If you're not comfortable in your clothes, ease and confidence will not flow. Being cold, constricted, itchy, self-conscious are the last feelings we want to have. culthread's designs put you centre stage, with the most comfortable materials, features, and warmth-to-weight ratio. 



We also think about practicality for every single culthread. That means convenient, large, safe pockets; hidden rain hoods; parachute straps; stretchy fabric where you need a bit more movement; and more. Our jackets are designed for you to go bag-free: no need for umbrellas, extra pockets (read our blog about pocket politics), or change of jacket. 

Practicality is key


Testing and Improving for Better culthreads

Our designs improve each year. Every year, we use new technology and feedback from the culthread team to make small alterations to our culthread classics. For example, we found our 2020 RVL jacket didn’t allow enough movement, so we added stretchy material on the underarm. 


For so long, women’s fashion was uncomfortable and impractical. We believe women can have it all, one doesn’t take away from the other. 

empowering women

And that is how we bring culthreads to life! 

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