sustainable puffer jacket collection

Short and long puffers to make your season splendid and sustainable!


Our cult collection is live! Sustainable and stylish as ever, this collection adds new flattering cuts, colours, and sizes to culthread’s product range. 


We said it: these short and long puffer jackets are sure to make your season splendid, with their warm coziness, effortless style, and practical pockets and hoods. Plus, our puffers are sustainably and ethically made with recycled material, from zippers all the way down to insulation.


What makes our cult collection different?

At culthread, we don’t do collections the traditional way. Our cult classics are a range of classic puffer jackets which we improve every year, whether that be by adding parachute straps for practicality, or a stretchy material in the arm for comfort.

sustainable puffer jackets

Affordable sustainability and style

Seven styles that are different and new form the cult collection. They’re bolder in their colours, broader in the size range, and even more affordable than our culthread classics. Wearing your values shouldn’t break the bank, and that’s one of the ethos behind our cult collection. 

As with all culthreads, each style is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. All are ethically and sustainably made, with recycled materials and high traceability.

Each jacket’s insulation recycles at least 10 plastic bottles, which would otherwise go to landfill or the sea. The factory where these puffer jackets are made is BSCI certified, ensuring workers' rights.

That means that you can confidently wear our cult collection, in the knowledge that our Planet, People, and Animals were all respected in the making.

Comfort and practicality

The cult collection is warm and cozy, to make sure you don’t get any winter chills. We’ve tested for the perfect weight-to-warmth ratio for each jacket. 

Plus, the pockets are practically situated internally and externally, and they actually fit a phone in them (yes, it still isn’t the case for most women’s jackets out there!). All styles are hooded, with either hidden or open hoods. They’re also 100% waterproof, sustainably coated with C0 coating – no toxins! 


What styles make the cult collection? 

Between season cape puffer jacket


This short cape puffer jacket blends timeless class with feminine flair. The jacket's loose, baggy fit and spacious underarm area is flatteringly versatile, adding a comfortable and sophisticated layer to any outfit. Its elegant cut, in black and beige, is perfect for a bustling city office or dog walk in the park. 


ethical short puffer jackets
sustainable short puffer jacket


Short Puffer Jacket


With its chic diamond pattern and powerful matte finish, this short puffer jacket is the ultimate statement piece for the season, exuding boldness and freshness.

The short puffer will keep you warm, skirt or trousers beneath. In its coziness, you'll also be able to hide all your belongings with inside and outside pockets. Plus, the hood is thick to keep your ears warm, whatever the weather.

sustainable short puffer jacket
sustainable short puffer jacket



Long Puffer Jacket


Stylish long puffer jacket to keep you warm on chillier winter days. With its mirror-effect laminated nylon on the hood and bottom, our long dark olive green puffer is both elegant and versatile.

A staple wardrobe item, the comfortable, sustainable fibre down will keep you extra warm. Plus, it's a multi-pocket coat, with pockets inside and outside that are large enough to go bag-free.

sustainable long puffer jacket
sustainable long puffer jacket



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