Looking for *the* sleeveless puffer jacket for you?  Five sleeveless puffer jacket styles to check out.

Looking for *the* sleeveless puffer jacket for you? Five sleeveless puffer jacket styles to check out.

Why you *should* be jumping on the sleeveless puffer jacket trend:

Sleeveless puffer jackets are back in vogue. At culthread, we reckon it's not just a passing fashion trend. Sleeveless puffer jackets don’t just look great, they’re also extremely convenient and versatile.

Some scenarios:

  • It’s spring – you’re not sure whether you’ll be warm enough, but also you don’t want to bring your large puffer jacket. 

No problem, slip on your sleeveless puffer jacket. 

  • It’s winter – it’s really cold and your usual jacket is just not enough. 

No problem, slip on your sleeveless puffer jacket (on top!) 

  • It’s autumn – you’re off to work in a gorgeous shirt you spent *many minutes* ironing, and you don’t want a coat to crease it.

You guessed it: no problem, slip on your sleeveless puffer jacket!

short and long puffers recycled vegan leather collection

So, what are your sleeveless puffer jacket options?

There are many. Whether it’s to make a statement, or your go-to classic when there’s one too many gusts of wind outside, there’s a sleeveless style for you. 

1. Black short sleeveless puffer jacket

Classic colour, material and cut.

short sleeveless black puffer jacket

Made of soft and supple recycled vegan leather, this will keep you warm and in style! 

Plus, it’s a puffer with a story: the recycled vegan leather is made from recycled coffee beans, and the padding is recycled fibre down, made from recycled plastic bottles. 

culthread’s recycled vegan leather POWIS’ slightly oversized sizing is perfect to put over a thick jumper or jacket, and its short fit is fabulously flattering.

This sleeveless puffer jacket’s internal and external pockets and high neck mean no gloves or scarves are needed (unless it’s really cold) ! On top of that, the pockets all fit your phone, wallet, and lots more. 

2. Metallic short sleeveless puffer jacket

Jazz up your classic sleeveless puffer jacket with some metallic bling. 

silver short sleeveless puffer jacket gold short sleeveless puffer jacket

A statement piece that adds style and pizzazz to any outfit, this silver and gold sleeveless puffer jacket is super comfy, with soft recycled lining and padding. 

Made of fibre down insulation (which recycles around 10 plastic water bottles per jacket), and deadstock vegan leather (which is unused material that would have otherwise gone to landfill), this short sleeveless metallic puffer jacket also ranks high on sustainability. It’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free, like all culthreads. 

Functional with all its internal and external pockets, hidden hood and bulky zips – it’ll be your most convenient fashion item. Who said style and functionality were mutually exclusive?

3. Long sleeveless puffer jacket in black and beige

Flattering belted long sleeveless puffer jacket that is the perfect transition piece. Versatile to wear, and hooded for any surprise rain showers, our PENZANCE long sleeveless puffer jacket can take you to the gym or work alike. 

long puffer jackets and puffer bags

Made from ethical, recycled materials, you can wear your values with pride, whilst being certain to add style to any outfit you wear. The black and beige and the quilted pattern go with everything with elegance. 

The large pockets can carry everything you need, or simply warm up your hands if it’s chilly. It’s also an easily packable sleeveless puffer, which you can travel with everywhere. 

long sleeveless puffer jacket

With this long sleeveless puffer, you’ll feel confident and chic. 

4. Blue hooded short sleeveless puffer jacket

Sky blue that matches with everything and brightens your day, this hooded short sleeveless puffer jacket is great to throw on when it’s cold – for a dog walk, travelling, hiking or going for a workout, and more! 

short sleeveless puffer jacket blue

The hood is sure to protect you from any showers, and the multi-pockets can carry everything you need. 

Made from designer deadstock fabric and recycled fibre down insulation, this highly sustainable and lightweight short sleeveless puffer will feel like a duvet around you.

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