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10 sustainable brands we love

For a fashion brand, or any brand, it is almost impossible to be 100% anything but that doesn’t mean that we don’t try. Sustainability is a journey, for both consumers and companies, and each step makes a difference.

At culthread, we are moving towards being as sustainable as we can with small, conscious steps. We are also here to help you live sustainably, through our journey.

With that in mind, we have put together some fantastic brands that have the same values at heart to help you on your journey to becoming a conscious shopper. Here are our top sustainable brands that we love, each contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. 

Tabitha Eve

Tabitha Eve offers a range of home and beauty products, from bath poufs to biodegradable bowl covers. Everything is 100% recycled and compostable making it a great choice for those looking to lower their carbon footprint. 

Eco Glitter Fun

Guilt-free sparkles have never looked so good! Eco Glitter Fun is 92% plastic-free glitter that naturally degrades in freshwater environments, that means anywhere and everywhere! This is a perfect product for those who love the style and look of glitter but want a vegan and cruelty-free alternative. 

Wolf and Gypsy: Unique and Collectable Jewellery

Wolf & Gypsy is a brand with a conscious, using ethically sourced, conflict-free gemstones, recycled sterling silver and gold as well as eco-friendly packaging across their jewellery line. We love the gorgeous stack rings that add an extra something to every look!

Sasstainable Store

We love Sasstainable Store because in our journey to becoming conscious shoppers, good quality on-the-go products are hard to find. Sasstainable Store offers environmentally friendly, high-quality home and on-the-go essentials like cutlery that help us make small eco-conscious steps to help the planet. Plus, they look gorgeous!

Upcircle Beauty

UpCircle is a beauty company with a difference, their products are sourced using by-products from other industries. They are literally taking the scraps and making something beautiful. These vegan, organic, palm-oil free and handmade beauty bits are a must-have, with a range for every skin tone. Want to get your hands on one? They are one of the lovely goodies that you can win with our exclusive bag launch competition (June 2020).

Body and Mind Botanicals

CBD is hardly a new product but the guys behind Body and Mind Botanicals take their homegrown produce to create CBD infused lifestyle products including teas, oils and balms. Utilising the natural benefits of CBD, everything is 100% organic, offering a natural source of teas and chocolates for any eco-conscious shopper.


We love this unique bespoke jewels and charms for NueHoops, offering customers the chance to create custom-made pieces. This small female-run company is growing and is focused on reducing its carbon footprint and ethical standards. To reduce waste their products come in unique simple Nue Pouches - no needless packaging waste!

Georganics | Natural & Eco-friendly Oral Care 

A hygiene brand that is 100% natural, sustainable and conscientious might seem like something that’s hard to find, but that’s why we love Georgancis. Most kinds of toothpaste that claim to be natural actually use synthetic ingredients. Every one of Georganics products uses pure, natural and organic ingredients, as well as being ethically sourced and against animal testing. They have everything you could need, toothbrushes, oil-pulling mouthwash and chewing gum. We particularly love their natural floss range, including charcoal and spearmint!  

Black & Blum

Black & Blum is a perfect example of a sustainable brand who make products that last. They offer adult and child leakproof lunchboxes, reusable food thermos with a folding spoon and charcoal on-the-go filter bottle that encourage people to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. All made with materials that can be easily reused without dangerous plastics. 


Bybi offers accessible and sustainable skincare products that work. Bybi uses ethically sourced, upcycled and renewable eco ingredients across their products. Taking steps to be aware of their carbon footprint and sustainable packaging. Most importantly, their skincare range suits every skin type, offering everything from masks, balms, creams and highlighters. We particularly love their Swipe Clean oil cleanser that uses sesame oil.

As we said, becoming a conscious ethical consumer is a slow journey, as is becoming an ethical brand - there are always things we can learn and improve. But we are embarking on the journey with you, and hope these brands can help you add sustainable products to your lifestyle. Later this month we will be launching our new range of bags, offering one lucky customer the chance to win our 100% unique vegan bag and a selection of sustainable products. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter for our competition!

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