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Materials and Functionality of Our Sustainable Jackets

Explore the versatility and functionality of our favorite pieces that will keep you warm and cosy all season.

We challenged ourselves to create the perfect sustainable collection that balanced style and eco-friendly innovation. After months of extensive experimentation, our AW22 collection was born. Ethical, recycled and cruelty-free!


So how have we made our collection even more sustainable this year? We’ve been working hard to find the highest quality recycled fabrics and fastenings, and this year we’ve found some new materials that we were very excited to use.

We also examined our supply chain to see where we could lower our carbon footprint even further. This has led us to working with a new fulfillment center, Airbox (which you can read more about here).

High permeability and wind resistance are essential when it comes to designing jackets for extreme weather. The outside of the culthreads are 100% recycled rainproof outer shell fabric. Most waterproof jackets in the industry use C8 and C6 water repellents which contain dangerous fluorocarbons that are highly toxic to humans and the planet. The EU plans to ban this usage of this by next year, but we are already one step ahead by keeping all of our fabrics C0. This is a vegetable base water repellent, totally fluorine-free and fully sustainable. In this way, liquid droplets can bead and roll off your cuthread when you're out in the rain and return to the earth without carrying any harmful chemicals with them.

To continue our customer's love for our unrivaled comfort and extra soft feel, the inside of the jackets are quilted with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic insulation. This is made by melting down existing plastic, like post-consumer plastic containers and bottles and re-spinning it into new polyester fibre. Our focus on sustainable thermal insulation creates an incredibly cushioned feel so that our culthreads can stand up against the coldest of temperatures and keep you snug throughout the winter season.

You will love the three functionality features that are unique to our new long and short puffa jackets; parachute straps, functional pockets with chunky recycled zips, and waterproof hoods.

Women's clothing has traditionally lacked pockets, and if they do, they are generally smaller and more inconvenient than those for men. With the modern woman always in mind, each jacket has a multitude of pockets to keep all of your essentials with you, perfect for when you’re on the go. The jackets also have a large plush hood so that you can be prepared for heavy showers. 

The newest feature is the parachute straps. We know carrying your jacket on your shoulders or around your waist can be impractical so this feature allows you to elegantly carry your jacket like a backpack at higher temperatures or indoors.

We can’t wait to see you in your culthread; made with love and ethically handcrafted in our own atelier, we promise to keep you warm and cosy all season long. Explore our collection now and explore our versatile, comfortable and practical pieces that allow you to take ownership of your style.

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