Four sustainable short puffer jackets for 2023

Four sustainable short puffer jackets for 2023

Looking for a short puffer jacket with excellent sustainability credentials? Look no further. culthread’s short puffers are ethical, recycled, and cruelty-free. Plus they’re stylish, practical, super comfy, and the best value-for-money you’ll find on the sustainable short puffer market! 

Our 2023 collection features different cropped cuts, all flatteringly designed, with hoods and pockets practically positioned so you can go bag-free. Featuring black, orange, green, beige, and recycled vegan leather – you’re bound to find the short puffer jacket for you.


short puffer jackets

What does sustainable puffer jacket actually mean? 

The word “sustainable” is often overused, so let’s define exactly what we mean. 

Let’s break down your favourite winter jacket, and what makes it sustainable (or not): 

At culthread, we only use recycled fabric. Fabric made from recycled polyester not only recycles plastic bottles (only 1 of 6 of which are usually recycled), but also uses less energy and water in the process.

  • Insulation: Insulation is often made of down feathers, plucked from geese. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know whether these geese are treated well or not, but undercover research shows that many are not. 

At culthread, we’re 100% cruelty-free, and instead of down feather, we use recycled fibre down insulation, made from recycled plastic bottles, in our puffer jackets.

  • Zippers: It’s a small percentage of your puffer jacket, but every little counts! Similarly to fabric, recycled zippers are much more sustainable than virgin zippers, made from virgin polyester. 

At culthread, that’s why we use SAB zippers. SAB recycles materials, such as PET, resin, brass, and zinc, to make recycled zippers, and uses the latest technology to reduce their water consumption by 50%, with 45% repeated reuse of water, and zero emissions of toxic and hazardous chemicals (2020). 

  • Coating: Waterproof coating is often made of toxic chemicals, called C6 and C8 water repellents. These chemicals end up in our waterways and on our skin, and can damage both us and our environment. 
At culthread we only use C0 water repellents, with zero chemicals, and water-based coating.

Now, onto the good stuff… which short puffer jacket will be the one for you? 


Our sustainable short puffer jackets



New to the collection, and already very popular, this short cape puffer jacket is timelessly stylish. We’ve worn it to work, the park, social events, and the gym. Hooded and multi-pocket, its oversized, cape style cut goes amazingly well with trousers and skirts alike. The short cape puffer jacket’s diamond pattern also adds a touch of sophistication. This one is perfect for between-season weather, and incredible value-for-money.

short puffer jacket - cape
short puffer jacket - cape


Our bestselling short puffer jacket from last season in recycled vegan leather, both black and green! The supple and soft vegan leather is made from recycled coffee grounds, and gives a sophisticated look, even when paired with leggings. With its hidden hood, and internal and external pockets, this short puffer is also highly practical. Perfect for cooler weather, its flattering cut shows off your silhouette. 

short puffer jacket - recycled vegan leather
short puffer jacket - recycled vegan leather



This gorgeous short puffer jacket is versatile to go with any outfit. Dress it up or down, it’ll suit your black tie as well as your gym kit. The orange offers a vivacious pop to your winter, while the black can be paired with absolutely everything. This short puffer jacket’s matte finish and diamond pattern give it style, while its hood and internal and external pocket provide practicality. With the perfect warmth-to-weight ratio, its thick recycled fibre down insulation will keep you extra cozy and warm this winter. You won’t find a short puffer jacket as ethically made for less than £220 on the market! 

short puffer jacket black
short puffer jacket - orange



Our classic Colville beige and olive short puffer jacket is equipped with all the best culthread features: parachute straps, large internal and external pockets, hood with front buttons, and much more. Made with recycled thread, zippers, fabric, and insulation, this jacket is a cult classic for a reason. It’ll keep you so cozy, while giving you the confidence in wearing your values.

short puffer jacket - olive
short puffer jacket - beige


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