The most sustainable jacket you’ll find at less than £200

The most sustainable jacket you’ll find at less than £200

A dichotomy is often presented between affordability and sustainability. “How can we create sustainable fashion whilst maintaining low prices?”; “If it’s affordable, it must mean they mistreated someone down the supply chain”; “I’ll make sustainable choices once I get a promotion”... We’re here to bust that myth.  

If we’re really going to reduce climate change, we need to make sustainable fashion accessible to all, and the norm throughout. 

make sustainable fashion accessible

Fast fashion makes cheap fashion the norm

What is affordable varies from person to person. However, fast fashion has totally normalised £5 t-shirts, and £50 jackets. That has distorted our vision of fashion prices, based on a model of exploitation of our Planet, People, and Animals. 

The likes of Shein and Primark have managed to make prices so reduced, that people go and buy as if it were a supermarket shop. This also leads people to view their clothes to be as disposable as a tub of peanut butter or box of chocolates. People wear a jacket three times only, and feel that it’s fine because it cost less than three lunches. But the carbon footprint of the jacket is much, much higher than most food. Plus, it’s not biodegradable, and so will impact the environment further. Even if someone chooses to wear the jacket more, the poor quality will likely mean it won’t last very long. 


Fast fashion makes cheap fashion

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can reframe what “affordability” means in fashion, and the price clothes “should” cost. The EU is already working on legislation in fashion which will mean this might inevitably happen. But it needs to happen fast, and globally. 

Note: we understand that some people simply can’t afford to pay more than £50 for a jacket. Whilst fast fashion has enabled more people to be able to shop for clothing, personally we would advocate for vintage/charity shopping over and above fast fashion. But many who can opt for cheaper fast fashion, which impacts our Planet, People, and Animals negatively.

Sustainability should be accessible to all

Sustainability should not be a luxury. One shouldn’t need to spend £1,500 on a coat for it to be sustainable.

Granted, it’s unlikely a truly sustainably and ethically made jacket will be £50. However, it’s possible to find one at £200. That’s less than 10% of the average monthly salary in the UK.*

A high quality, sustainable jacket is an investment for a lifetime. Instead of buying a £50 jacket every year, you buy one for 10 or more years. Ultimately, you save £300. (Believe me, I’ve had my jacket for 10 years) 

On top of this, you make a purchase aligned with your values. Your jacket will have made minimal damage to the environment, won’t have exploited anyone, or treated animals cruelly too. You can feel good without compromising your style. 


At culthread, we make sure our jackets are as accessible as we can possibly make them, because we believe sustainable fashion should be accessible to all. That’s why we released our cult collection in 2023. 

With our most competitive prices, this collection is full of new styles, new colours, and a broader range of sizes. All made from recycled materials, and designed to be stylish, practical and comfortable, these jackets are the most sustainable ones you’ll find in the £200 price range! 

Wrap in style, whilst preserving our Planet! 


short puffer jacket - cape
short puffer jacket - cape


short puffer jacket black
short puffer jacket - orange


long navy puffer jacket
long olive green puffer jacket
long black puffer jacket

*: Statista data from 2022

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