Why are puffer bags in style? And will still stay so for a long time…

Why are puffer bags in style? And will still stay so for a long time…

At least that’s our bet. At culthread, we’re in love with puffer bags, and we’ve got our reasons to be! 

One of them is how versatile and convenient puffer bags are. Our bestselling puffer bag Blenheim is perfect for so many occasions. Here are a few. 

Plus, it is ethically and sustainably made with recycled or deadstock materials, and chunky recycled zippers. 


6 uses for a puffer bag

1. Puffer Travel Bag 

Not only does a large puffer tote fit everything in it (with a special laptop pocket), but also it substitutes as an incredible pillow!! This has been confirmed by various users of the Blenheim, including kittens who have chosen it as their favourite sleep spot. 

So not only is this puffer bag water resistant, practical, comfy, and made of 100% recycled vegan leather, it can prevent you from logging around a neck pillow for your whole trip too! 

puffer bag for travel


2. Puffer Baby Bag

This bag has five pockets, which means you can get your baby stuff organised perfectly. Bottle pouch for the milk, laptop pouch for the colouring books, dummy or pacifier in the valuables pocket to stay hygienic (and because we all know it’s highly valuable), and everything else in the wide-based bag. The puffer material even ensures biscuits aren’t crushed in the mix! 

Who said you couldn’t be stylishly practical?

puffer baby bag

3. Puffer Gym Bag

Large and wide based, I put my trainers and dirty clothes on one side, and my clean clothes on the other side. The water bottle pouch reminds me to hydrate, and the phone pocket means I don’t spend my time trying to find my phone in the large bag. Plus, it’s water resistant, so if I’m coming out of the pool, I don’t soak everything inside the bag with me.

puffer bag for the gym


4. Puffer Work Bag

Are you tired of your work bag not fitting everything in? Or of losing everything within your work bag? Or of your heavy bag digging into your skin?

We’ve got the solution for you: the Blenheim puffer bag. Made of sleek, supple recycled vegan leather, this bag is stylish, practical and comfortable. It fits your laptop in easily, along with anything else you need. 

puffer work bag


5. Puffer Party Bag

The stylish silver or sleek recycled vegan leather puffer bag is gorgeous to wear for a soirée too (and it fits your sneakers so you can change out of those heels later!). Tote bags don’t always have to be the recycled fabric not-super-stylish, not-very-sturdy ones. This puffer tote bag is chic and sophisticated, without being tiny! 

puffer bag for party


6. Puffer Pet Bag

For you pet-lovers out there, this puffer bag is also amazing to take for a dog walk in the park. You can also put the bag down when you’re collecting your dog’s poop, because the studs on the bottom protect the insides from moisture. 

Another use, which we didn’t design the bag for, but has since become one, is to carry your pets! My cat loves being inside this bag, and some smaller doggos do too. Granted, this highly depends on a pet’s personality, but who can prove a comfy surface more than your pets?

puffer bag for your pets

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